How long does Tramadol last Infographics?

How long does Tramadol last?

Different variants of Tramadol have different and unique lasting issues. The major versions being, Tramadol IR and Tramadol ER. The effects Immediate Release Tramadol lasts up to to 4 to 6 hours in the body and this changes with every person, based on their gender, age and intensity of the problem. The effects of Extended Release version of Tramadol lasts anywhere up to 24 hours in the body, altering with every person. For up to 90 minutes, Tramadol hits it peak blood plasma level, irrespective of the variant that had been consumed. The half life of the drug is classified to be of 6 hours. On the urine screens, Tramadol may show up for up tp 2 days and on hair samples, the traces may find its way into staying for 90 days or even longer.

Also you can get these information graphically by reading the following infographics.

how long does tramadol last infographics