Is It Safe For You To Give Your Dog Tramadol To Treat Pain?

Tramadol is a highly effective pain medication that is also used to manage moderate to severe pain in dogs. To know the safety of giving the painkiller to your pet, it is recommended to consult with the veterinarian on this. The drug is considered relatively safe to use and it can be given to dogs after consultation with the vet. Unlike humans, dogs are more easily susceptible to medication and have different reactions. Any unwanted side effects or complications can be avoided by following the vet’s instructions regarding the use of Tramadol.

When is Tramadol used in dogs to manage pain?

traamdol for pain in dogs It is used for pain management for its ability to modify how the brain perceives pain. The drug is more suitable for conditions that are termed as acute, chronic, moderate, or severe in intensity. The pain medication is not taken on an as needed basis but for the continuous management of pain. Dogs too are susceptible to many health conditions for which this drug is prescribed according to the discretion of the vet. Some of the conditions for which Tramadol is administered to dogs are:

  • Pain associated with arthritis
  • Postoperative pain from cancer or any injuries
  • Nonsurgical intervertebral disc disease
  • Canine degenerative myelopathy

Other health issues that are also managed with Tramadol are anxiety and coughing. It should be noted that the drug does not actually treat the condition in the way anti-inflammatory drugs do but only help with bringing the pain symptoms under control.

What is the Tramadol dosage for dogs?

tramadol dosage for dogsThe Tramadol dosage for dogs is individualized according to weight, the severity of the condition, and the response to the treatment. There is no single dosage recommendation and it is usually calculated as 1mg for every pound. The doses may be given every eight to ten hours depending on the severity of the pain. The drug may also take a few days for peak pain relieving effects to be felt. The vet may also prescribe another drug to take simultaneously to enhance the effects of Tramadol.

Dogs too can develop tolerance to the pain medication. Regular checks with the doctor are essential to ensuring recovery. Watch out for side effects that the dog may experience. Contact the doctor right away if there are any unusual symptoms. Do not administer the drug to pregnant or nursing dogs.

What should I know about giving Tramadol to my dog?

While Tramadol may be safely used in dogs, there are a few important precautions to keep in mind. Do not administer the drug on your own without first consulting with the doctor. The dosage may be too much and the dog may experience overdose symptoms. The precise dosage is best calculated with the help of the vet. The Tramadol used for pets should be purchased only in the brand prescribed. The dosage that is used for humans should not be used. It is generally not recommended to give extended release variants of the drug as dogs are most likely to chew the pills before swallowing. Look for alternative medications with the help of the doctor if the drug does not seem to be working as expected. Under all circumstances, follow the treatment plan provided by the doctor for the desired results.