Tramadol 50 mg vs. Tramadol 200 mg. Which one to buy?

People often gets confused on the dosages of the drug, while purchasing Tramadol 50mgpainkillers like Tramadol from online pharmacies. When it comes to choosing between buying Tramadol 50 mg, the immediate release form, and 200 mg, the extended release form, it should ideally be decided upon by you and your healthcare provider as you would need the prescription to be able to buy the drug, whether it is a brick-and-mortar drugstore or an online pharmacy.

Tramadol 200mgTramadol 50 mg vs ER 200 mg really comes down to two important factors – the condition being treated and also the feasibility. These options are looked into a little more detail below. Whatever form that you choose to buy just ensure that you follow the precise dosage instructions. It is important to discuss with your doctor before getting Tramadol prescription regarding any changes that you wish to make to your treatment plan as modifying the dosage on your own can have adverse effects that are unwarranted. Take the medication in a responsible manner for best results.

Tramadol 50 mg vs ER 200 mg – Based on price

Deciding which dosage of Tramadol that you wish to take depends a lot on the price factor. With the 50 mg immediate release tablets you may have to take multiple doses in a day to maintain the pain relief or take the low dose only when you actually feel pain.

With the 200 mg extended release capsules, what you would be getting instead is a single dose every twelve hours to help stem the pain. The feasibility of either Tramadol form is calculated by taking into account the costs involved with taking multiple doses in a day compared to the single or twice per day dose, and also the cost of the medication.

The Tramadol brand Ultram 50 mg costs around $4.77 per tablet, while the generic costs about $0.79 per tablet in an online pharmacy. One can expect to pay around $15.03 for Ultram ER 200 mg in an online drugstore. Consider all the costs involved before you decide to buy cheap Tramadol in a particular form as otherwise you may not be able to afford the medication and have to go without.

Tramadol 50 mg vs ER 200 mg – Based on the condition

It works as a narcotic analgesic in providing relief from pain. If your pain is such that it is intermittent then the 50 mg would be ideal choice to buy for providing short-term pain relief. However, if you suffer from chronic pain, the 200 mg ER capsules can help in maintaining the pain relief without giving any discomfort. This helps in easily managing your condition.

When buying, you must consider this factor as popping multiple 50 mg pills during immense pain is not recommended. Instead, the ER variant would be a better option. Likewise, the 200 mg ER dose is relatively high and you should not take it unless your condition actually requires it. Buy the most suitable dose for you by considering the price and the ailment.