What is the prescribed dosage of Tramadol for dogs?

tramadol dosage for dogsEven dogs are prone to pain and fortunately Tramadol medication can help them. Though the dosage strength would vary from one dog to another, the most common dose would be 50mg taken twice in a day. Let us now look about it in detail in this blog.

Dosage strength of Tramadol for dogs

The doctor might instruct you to give your dog this medication depending upon the need. The dose might vary from 0.5mg to 4.5mg that can be taken every 8 or 12 hours. It would also change depending upon the medical ailment that the dog is suffering from.

If the pain is caused due to cancer, then it would need a higher dose whereas if it suffers from other condition which causes only mild pain then a lower dose will be more than sufficient.

Once the first dose is given to the dog, your doctor might closely watch on how it reacts to the medicine. Depending upon this, they might either increase or decrease the dose. Always give Tramadol pills with food as it can prevent vomiting.

Will your dog be able to get immediate effectiveness on pain?

There is less chance for your dog to find the effectiveness quickly and it might take nearly fourteen days to see a visible difference when it is suffering from cancer or degenerative joint disease (DJD). The results are derived the best when taking Tramadol with other NSAID medications.

In case, your dog is experiencing only mild pain then there are chances for it to experience quicker effectiveness. Extended-release is not instructed for the usage in animals. But, in case your doctor has prescribed it, then you have to make sure your dog swallows it as a whole without breaking or chewing it as it would lead to overdose.

A healthcare professional might sometime recommend IV or IM Tramadol. It is a must to follow the exact way that they instruct you.

Do dogs develop tolerance for Tramadol?

Yes, dogs will also develop tolerance to this pill if it is taken for a prolonged period of time or at higher dosage strengths. When your dog undergoes such a situation, the pill would be less effective on the pain. A doctor would be the right person to rectify this situation.

Tramadol is a medication that is also taken by human beings. There are certain ingredients that are used in the drug which might be dangerous for dogs if taken at a dose what a human takes. So it is better to give only plain Tramadol for your pet. Ask queries about this to your medical specialist as he or she can help you in it.

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